Mechanical Engineering

Plant Maintenance & Services

Static and rotating equipment services such as Air-conditioning, AHU, Chillers, Boiler, Steam/Gas Turbine, Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers, Compressors, Pumps, Dampers, Condenser, Generator Set etc.

Servicing and maintenance of control valve, transmitter, motor, electrical components e.g. switch gear, transformer etc.

Tank maintenance inclusive of tank cleaning, piping works, blasting & painting

Preventive maintenance for plant equipment such as electric motor, pump,   compressor, bearing system, generator set, etc. and also Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) – Vibration, Laser alignment, Thermograph, Balancing for any rotating equipment.

Plant maintenance and shutdown, i.e. equipment repairing jobs, refurbishment, major overhaul, part replacement and etc.

Steel Work Fabrication

VESB Engineering capable to support industries in any type of steel fabrication works because our fabrication yard is equipped with 10 ton till 40 ton overhead crane which is capable to fabricate huge storage tank even pressure vessel. Hence, our fabrication yard is equipped with lathe , milling, coring, drilling, blasting, cutting, press , bending and rolling machine which is our fabrication is not limited to certain item only. Our rolling machine can rolls till 80mm plate and  we have ready stock steel plate for emergency job. Our fabrication works is not limited for one type of steel such as mild steel but we  capable also to fabricate stainless steel item, shaft, blade, hydraulic parts and etc. The following is the photos shown our equipment at fabrication yard.

VESB Engineering got a collaboration with local University on fabrication that required CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) or CAD (Computer Aided Design) which is VESB Engineering got permission to using CNC machine in the university such as CNC laser cut, CNC milling & lathe, CNC water cut, wire cut and RP machine.

Turnkey Project, Shutdown & Plant Modification

 VESB Engineering experiences in handling turnkey project , shutdown or plant modification with proper documentation EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning). We have  experience project management team that capable to execute  & accomplish any turnkey project , plant shutdown or plant modification work. Good collaboration with local university, VESB Engineering has a support from  In senior Engineer or professor to ensure all the projects can be delivered successfully .  The following are some VESB Engineering experience in doing turnkey project , plant shutdown or modification work:

Incinerator Project: Developing waste incinerator with capacity 33 ton/day: Design, Fabricate, Construct & commissioning 1 complete unit waste incinerator (Project value : RM35 Million)

Sewerage Treatment Plant: Construct Sewerage Treatment Plant with capacity 43,500PE : Construction (Project value : RM5.55 Million)

Incinerator Plant Shutdown: Main contractor to perform INC shutdown : Dismantling, fabricate, installation and refurbishment of Incinerator plant. (Project value : RM805,000)

Cement plant Shutdown: Refurbish Electrostatic precipitator, crusher  unit and Insulation works :Modification works (Project value : RM500,000)

Dryer Upgrading Works (Rubber Industry): Modification on the dryer system, to increase throughput capacity of production : (Project Value : RM500,000)

Shredder: Modification of cutting blade : to increase plant process capacity and efficiency of the shredder  (Project Value: RM300,000)

Speciality / Expertise

VESB Engineering was created to focusing in two industries. First is waste Incinerator plant and second is shredder equipment.

Waste Incinerator:
- VESB Engineering have expertise to consult, design, construct, commission and operate the incinerator plant. We got many years of experiences dealing with incinerator plant. Till today VESB Engineering still support the industry that are using incinerator plant

 - VESB Engineering are committed to develop our own Incinerator Technology by local expertise. To realize it, we already collaborate with local university in developing the technology and this is the second local waste incinerator in Malaysia       
 - VESB Engineering got a experience team to support Incinerator maintenance works

 - VESB Engineering expert in developing and maintain the shredder unit. Many industries in Malaysia       using shredder unit for as plant processing unit. We capable to fabricate the whole part of shredder even
perform custom work for the shredder.

 - Fabrication of shredder part is required  precision engineering machine such as CNC machine. Most of
the cutting work must using laser cut or water cut and machining work must using CNC milling or lathe.